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Maternity & Infant Care Scheme

Professional Healthcare for all the Family

Maternity and Infant Care Scheme

The Maternity and Infant Care Scheme provides an agreed programme of care to all expectant mothers who are ordinarily resident in Ireland. This service is provided by a family doctor (GP) of your choice and a hospital obstetrician. You are entitled to this service even if you do not have a medical card.

At Marino Medical Centre we offer our patients the option of participation in the Maternity & Infant Care Scheme.   

  • The GP provides an initial examination, if possible before twelve weeks, and a further five examinations during the pregnancy, which are alternated with visits to the maternity hospital. For subsequent pregnancies you will have an initial examination and a further 6 examinations.

  • The first visit to the hospital antenatal clinic should happen by the twentieth week of pregnancy.

  • The schedule of visits may be changed by your GP and/or hospital obstetrician, depending on your individual situation. If you have a significant illness, e.g. diabetes or hypertension, you may have up to 5 additional visits to the GP.

  • These visits are free for all women once you sign up at your initial visit.

  • All routine visits and visits relating to pregnancy complications are covered in this scheme as per ‘Schedule of Visits’listed below.   

  • Care for other illnesses which you may have at this time, but which are not related to your pregnancy, is notcovered by the Scheme and are subject to a consultation charge.

Schedule of Visits

  • 4 to 12 weeks- Initial visit with G.P. (Follow up visit for routine antenatal bloods) 

  • Week 16 to 20 Hospital Visit for booking visit scans and bloods

  • Week 24 G.P.

  • Week 28 G.P. (Except in case of first pregnancy - Hospital if first pregnancy)

  • Week 30 G.P.

  • Week 32 Hospital

  • Week 34 G.P.

  • Week 36 Hospital

  • Week 37 G.P.

  • Week 38 Hospital

  • Week 39 G.P.

  • Week 40 Hospital


After the birth, the scheme also provides for one GP visit to examine the baby at two weeks and both mother and

baby at six weeks

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