Why did we start The Lifestyle Clinic?

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Welcome to our first Blog!

When I was a medical student and later in General Practice I learnt very little about nutrition. When it comes to chronic disease management, we docs are really knowledgeable about medication. Although the first intervention is always” lifestyle advice” as per guidelines. But what does that mean? For years we told our overweight patients to “eat less and move more”, advised a calorie restricted low fat diet because that was the consensus. But it didn’t work. We are diagnosing more diabetics at an earlier age than ever. With all these low fat diet products about we should all be skinny minnies- not getting bigger all the time.

We are a Diabetes Interest Practice and have had a dedicated Diabetes Clinic for many years. We got more and more frustrated, that we support and monitor our patients, but rarely get them to the point, where we can reduce medication.

I was always interested in a low carb approach, somewhat more popular on the continent. I always worried that there would be riots if I told my Irish patients to cut down on bread and potatoes!!

Then I had several patients, who did very well on this approach. They lost weight easily and felt much better and their diabetes markers improved dramatically, for some it even meant they had reversed their diabetes.

I did more research and teamed up with an online chronic disease management provider. Together we hatched our Lifestyle Clinic plans and haven’t looked back.

We have nearly 100 patients who have been through the programme with astonishing results. They felt better, weren’t hungry, started appreciating whole food and the weight came down (a stone on average in the first 3 months), blood tests improved dramatically in this period too, particularly on my diabetics and pre diabetic patients.

Patients are happy, which in turn makes the doctors and nurses happy. The feedback was so positive, that most of us have developed a new found enthusiasm for the dreaded “ lifestyle interventions”.

My own family eats low carb for a variety of reasons, mainly because they feel better eating wholefoods rather than processed food. They have more energy for their busy lives.

In our blog series we plan to explore current research on a low carb lifestyle, proven and in progress, answer questions, give tips, encouragement and provide you with some recipes to keep things interesting. Feedback very welcome!

A fantastic introduction from my colleague and hero Andreas Eenveldt of DietDoctor:


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