I'm just don't feel hungry?

I just don’t feel hungry …..

It’s a weird feeling just not feeling hungry, but this is normal when following a low/carb or keto diet – it’s one of the first things patients notice. There is science behind this. When you were eating sugar your Ghrelin (your hunger hormone) was doing a tap dance, whizzing up and down and you were hungry every 2 hours! Now you have given up eating sugars your Ghrelin is suppressed as your insulin levels are low. I think this is another reason why calorie reduced diets don’t work, if you are hungry all the time, you will not continue.

So enjoy not feeling hungry all the time, but ….

If you don’t feel hungry should you still eat? Not necessarily is the answer. You are fueled differently now and there are huge benefits by not eating /snacking all the time. We will do more about this topic in another blog.

Remember if you are not hungry? Then don’t’ eat!

Just because its lunchtime doesn’t mean you need to eat. Start listening to your body: am I hungry or bored? Would a drink be enough? ( water, broth, coffee). If you are hungry - eat, but eat a meal (protein, greens with good fat), if you eat chocolate or nuts you were NOT hungry, but you had the munchies. That’s ok but be honest with yourself and reduce the times you respond to that impulse.

Be aware of carb creep after the initial honeymoon period, all those extra treats can re awaken cravings (sugar cravings!)

If you are hungry remember the 4 Rs:

Replenish: are you having enough protein and fat in your meals?

Re-hydrate: drink and then drink some more 😊

Redirect: distract yourself. Tackle a difficult job or something have meant to do for ages

Relax: there isn’t a right or a wrong way to navigate all this. Experiment with what works for you. Remember, it’s bound to be a hell of a lot better than how you ate before!

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