Have you put on the 'Corona Stone' - lets reboot our low carb lifestyle

" The Corona Stone"

It sounds like a Disney title or Fairy Tale but the ‘Corona Stone’ is very much a reality for lots of people.

Even when you usually follow a healthy lifestyle the last couple of months have been challenging.

The added stress and uncertainty affected us all.

We have not been able to use our usual strategies for de-stressing, like meeting up with friends spontaneously or travelling. I am certainly missing holidays and seeing family.

When we are stressed, we are much more likely to snack for comfort. Which is, as all Lifestylers know 😊 , a really bad idea, when we are trying to keep insulin levels steady and low. Did we snack?... Did we what!! and lots of us had a regular glass of wine too because we felt tense. None of it helpful, but totally understandable.

It is time to stop the bad habits, to reboot and go back to basics. Improving our physical and mental well being, supporting our immune system and, yes, tackling that " Corona Stone".

We all know what the BASIC ‘rules’ are:

1) Avoid sugar and starch

2) Eat wholefoods (avoid anything processed like the plague)

3) Reduce alcohol and move.

Some helpful strategies to get back on track might be:

· make an appointment with Me or Andy, who attends Marino Medical regularly now.

· unearth the info booklet the Lifestyle Clinic gave you when you signed up - it is packed with info and links to inspire you

· give yourself a challenge – plan to follow a short clean-living programme. It’s very doable – check out: https://www.dietdoctor.com/low-carb/get-started

· buddy up with somebody

· prep meals for the week on the weekend, until you are back in the swing of things.

· don’t forget to get out and about for a walk with a friend

We Humans are social beings and all this social distancing is far from easy!

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