Happy Christmas to all Lifestylers

Wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy Christmas and a great 2021.

It's been an odd year for us all , but you ‘Lifestylers’ have been brilliant keeping up with your wholefood , no sugar way of eating, you have lost weight , improved your health outcomes and hopefully had some fun along the way. If you didn't (and let’s face it, everybody struggles sometimes) you knew what to do. If you are still struggling, please contact us and plan for 2021- we would love to help.

Christmas is coming fast, with all the treats we have come to expect at this time of year and most are not ‘low carb’ friendly. We will all be tempted by a chocolate Santa or a couple of beers …. Trifle, mince pies, Christmas cake …. Agh the list is never ending ……

Let’s see if we can help …

1) Pre plan and prepare. Have a think about what is important for you and your family to make it feel Christmassy. Can you substitute some treats with low carb alternatives? Have some favorite treats made in advance, ready to eat if you are feeling tempted. Make up a batch of sugar free mulled wine.

2) Accept that Christmas is a special time, one option is giving yourself 2-3 days ”off”, eat what is on offer, stay active and most importantly its 2-3 days not the 12 days of Christmas(!) or even a whole month till your New Year's resolutions are kicking in!!

3) Have a plan for after the festivities. You might well feel bloated and sluggish. 1-2 extra strict days, lots of fluid etc will set you right again. Refocus and maybe watch the videos on Redicare or on the Diet Doctor website.

4) There are a lot of new Christmas recipe plans to help you enjoy this holiday season the ‘low carb’ way. Recipes for snacks, Ham, Turkey, Christmas cake and Christmas Pud. Recipes for ‘low carb’ friendly alcoholic and no- alcoholic drinks too. Below we have listed some of our favorites, check them out and put together your Christmas food plan and shopping list and enjoy a great Christmas celebration with your family.

Lifestyle Clinic Recipe blog : links to Christmas recipes and many of our favorite recipes posted throughout the year

www.dietdoctor.com : I love this resource and all my family is cooking their recipes. Full of tips and recipes. The first month is free, after that you can cancel at any time. If you subscribe to DD, you can get the exclusive Keto Holiday E-Magazine. In addition to the E-magazine there are lots of great recipe, easy to find under headings that include: Appetizers, Christmas Dinner, Christmas Side Dishes, Sauces and dips, Bread and Crackers, Dessert and finally Beverages. DD also has a useful Christmas meal plan.

www.delish.com : search ‘keto Christmas’ and you will find lots of recipes including 15 Keto Christmas Cookie recipes, Christmas day is covered including low carb stuffing, Turkey, and a super Bacon Wrapped Cauliflower stuffed with cream cheese and spinach, you can leave out the bacon and it becomes a vegetarian main course too.

www.countryliving.com : 14 low carb Christmas recipes (plus lots of other low carb recipes for any time of year). The Baked Ham with Herb de Provence looks great and for a snack check out the Herbed Cheese Ball, with crispy Pine nut coating (eat with the Diet Doctor crackers or some raw vegetables). I will be trying the Creamy Garlic Parmesan Brussel Sprouts and Bacon this year.

www.thethermofoodieandthechef.com : Download the Christmas Meal Plan with shopping lists, recipes and a day by day preparation plan helping make your Christmas lunch a stress- free cook fest!

www.alldayidreamaboutfood.com : Fantastic tips and recipes for low carb Christmas baking

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