Halloween – Simple steps for a spooky low carb Halloween for all the family!

It’s going to be a different Halloween than usual this year- but then what isn’t?

But maybe this could be turned into a positive? Still celebrate, have fun with the kids but with less focus sweets. Let’s concentrate on inventing some new rituals and spooky fun?

And remember:

· the kids won’t be buzzing on a sugar high and you won’t be tempted to fall off the wagon

· if you do buy some sweets, do it at the last minute and opt for stuff you don’t particularly like.

· Don’t be tempted to buy the half price sweets on offer after Halloween. You don’t want to eat them and your kids will be better off without them too.

Make this the best Halloween ever:

First, the food: Check out Diet Doctor for some Halloween breakfast, lunch and dinner Ideas …. We love the Keto Eyeball Egg Casserole, Low-Carb Monster Pancakes and the Mozzarella Eyeballs - we dare you to take a bite! …. All recipes on Gitte’s Recipe Blog.

Next, Carve the Pumpkin. Lots of supermarkets now sell all different sizes of pumpkins – from orange sized up to Football size. Look at www.bbcgoodfood.com How to Carve a Pumpkin for a step by step guide. You could roast the seeds with some salt+/- chilli as a snack and see the recipe for low carb pumpkin soup on the recipe blog.

Finally, set up the art table and get all the family involved to create a Homemade Halloween! There are lots of great craft websites to give you ideas and how-to tutorials, so your home can become the best, most scary place to be at Halloween! Check out

www.goodhousekeeping.com 40+ Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids. Let your imagination run away with you!

Have a great, spooky, fun weekend

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