Feeling Cranky and tired - you may have Keto Flu!

Keto- flu

People talk about “keto-flu”, but what is it?

When your body changes over from burning carbohydrates to fat for fuel a couple of things happen:

Your body doesn’t like it 😊its new and I describe it like a bump in the road.

Glucose binds water, so in your carb fueled state you have lots of extra water on board. The first thing that happens, when you change your way of eating is that you loose a lot of water( plainly speaking: you pee like a horse!) yes that’s your first bit of weight-loss, and this results in less bloating etc but when you pee like that, you wash out a lot of electrolytes.

And that is what’s causing “keto-flu”: feeling cranky and headachy and tired.

All you need to do is to get plenty of fluid and salt on board and you should be fine. So, drink lots of water or ideally salty broth and that headache will lift, or even better make sure to keep fluids and salt up in your first week and you might never experience keto flu in the first place.

Now a word of warning: if you continue to go off plan on weekends or regularly for whatever reason you will have to encounter this roadblock “ keto-flu” each and every time, rather than cruising nicely to better health. Sometimes it is a good reminder.

Oh and another thing, this is one of the reasons I tell my sporty people to go easy in the first week, don’t add extra electrolyte loss as your body is getting used to the new fuel - I never tell people not to exercise!

Check out the Recipe Blog, I have posted a couple of good homemade broth recipe that I highly recommend. Both the Chicken and Veg stock keep in the fridge or freeze (keep for 6 months). I freeze both in Cup size portions. Enjoy!

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