Beginner Top Tips

Tip 1: Keep it simple:

Go for minimally processed food (meat, fish, egg, cheese, good fats, veggies that grow above ground)

Limit your carbs, this means bye bye sugar, bread, potatoes, rice and pasta most of the time

Reduce fruits- they have sugar in

Get enough good protein in to you

Add good fat, like olive oil, avocados, butter, cheese. It makes everything taste amazing and you need it as fuel, now that the carbs are reduced. But don’t go mad, you are meant to burn your own fat too - so eat enough good fats to be not hungry and to add flavour

Top Tip 2: No Sugar

No sugar, and that means drinks as well. No fruit juices, lemonade and mixers.

Avoid Diet Drinks: I would like you to avoid the diet drinks as soon as possible (those chemical bombs are a topic for another blog)


Top Tip 3: Watch the booze

Watch the booze: ideally don’t drink while you are starting this way of eating.

You theoretically have options like dry wine and straight spirits but watch it they might stall you. Everybody is different


Top Tip 4: Eat Wholefood, avoid processed foods!

Skip “Products”: Even if it says low carb, healthy, natural etc it usually is full of chemicals you don’t want. Learn to read labels. Make your own treats, we have been sharing recipes galore on the Recipe Blog

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